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NAUA Reusable Face Cloths - Confy and Delicate

NAUA Reusable Face Cloths - Confy and Delicate

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The NAUA Confy and Delicate Reusable Face Cloths are cloths made from organic cotton and produced in Portugal, being a reusable option for your face cleansing routine.

They can be used to remove make-up, to apply facial toners or simply to cleanse the face. Each set comes with 2 Reusable Face Cloths.

NAUA is part of 1% For The Planet, annually donating 1% of its sales to environmental causes, in order to minimize the impact of its production. By ordering our products, you will also be contributing to these causes.

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  • Details

    - Fabric and label: 100% organic cotton (GOTS)

    - Thread: wood pulp

    - Dimensions: 19x19cm

    - Vegan and cruelty -free

    - Handcrafted in Portugal

    - Sugarcane cardboard packaging

  • About the GOTS certification

    The fabric and label are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and the thread is wood pulp.

    A GOTS certified product must contain a minimum of 95% organic fibres– that is, they do not contain synthetic chemicals or pesticides.


  • NAUA Confy and Delicate Reusable Face Cloths appear to replace the “use it and throw it away” for the “use it, wash it and use it again”. But, in addition to the search for alternatives to disposables, it is also important to know the environmental impact of the products that are part of our care routine.

    Can you imagine the amount of wasted pads and cotton per year when using disposable pads?

  • One pad for toner, plus three or four to remove make-up – if we multiply it by 365 days, that means we throw almost two thousand cotton pads in the trash in a single year..

    Knowing that 1 kg of cotton needs more than twenty thousand liters of water to be produced, we can get a sense of the effect that our routine can have on this precious resource.

Social Responsibility

  • NAUA Reusable Facial Cloths are produced in Torres Vedras, in partnership with Associação Sénior INCLUIR+, which aims to keep the elderly community active and ward off loneliness.

  • NAUA Reusable Face Cloths - Confy and Delicate
  • NAUA Reusable Face Cloths - Confy and Delicate
  • NAUA Reusable Face Cloths - Confy and Delicate
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Wash by hand or in the washing machine at 30º. The use of fabric softener is recommended to keep them soft. To remove difficult stains, and keep the cloths white, you can use a bleacher, such as sodium percarbonate.

Tip: right after before use, rinse the Cloths with water and rub them lightly to remove most of the make-up and prevent it from drying out and becoming more difficult to remove when washing thoroughly.


NAUA Reusable Make-up Remover Pads are made in partnership with Associação INCLUIR+, an entertainment and social solidarity association, which keeps the elderly community active and helps to ward off loneliness. INCLUIR+ works in the municipality of Torres Vedras, which is also our location.

Our fabrics are then placed in the hands of a group of senior seamstresses, who value manual arts and create with passion. All their work is fairly remunerated, and they keep the seamstresses active and busy even beyond their retirement age.

Because, for us, social concerns are one of the most important pillars of sustainability.