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NAUA Mother's Day Set

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“Mommy? Mom? Dear mother?”

What are the tricks you use when you want to ask your mother for something? We know that it’s not always easy to convince them to let us get another tattoo; to don’t go to that boring family lunch, when the weather is good for the beach; or even dyeing your hair in an unusual color...

But if you want to earn credits, this Mother's Day offer the NAUA Mother's Day Set. You will be offering what your mother needs to take care of herself and in an eco-friendly way. Choose a NAUA Solid Shampoo, add 5 NAUA Reusable Makeup Remover Pads and store everything in a practical Organic Cotton Bag, which can be reused in a thousand ways. All products are made in Portugal by hand and with the best natural ingredients.

The campaign will run until 02 May 2021.