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About Us

NAUA Natural Care, a Portuguese brand of natural cosmetics, was founded in 2020 by me (Sofia) and Sérgio, out of curiosity and desire to create a solid, responsible and family-friendly cosmetics brand.

Our proximity to the Santa Cruz Sea inspired us to make NAUA products also ecologically responsible and safe for marine life.

  • We emerged to respond to our needs as users of natural cosmetics products. For a long time, we couldn't find solid cosmetic products that respected my sensitive scalp or that were light for Sérgio and our 2 children's hair.

  • With the dream of creating products for the whole family, we started NAUA Natural Care with the development of handcrafted and 100% natural solid shampoos for normal, dry and oily hair. In a second phase, face and hair accessories appeared, as well as shampoos for sensitive scalps, colored hair and a solution for children.

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Our essence

NAUA is distinguished by the simplicity of its formulas, by its minimalist and plastic-free packaging, and by the carefully selected natural and certified ingredients that transport the senses on a journey through nature and origins, stimulating relaxing sensations, comfort and well-being.

The reborn

In September 2022, we started a new phase, where NAUA – Natural Care appears renewed, more mature, serene, enriched and even more connected with the environment and with the care of the body, health and balance.

We came up with new formulas, with greater environmental concern and with new inspiring aromas, which will transport you through nature in an introspective moment of self-care.

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This is just the beginning of a new journey.
Let’s embrace it together?

Sofia Catarino