Nature is made up of people, animals and plants. We want to protect everyone in the same way, representing what is most valuable to us - harmony.

    To guarantee this care for Nature, NAUA's products do not have ingredients of animal origin and are not tested in animals.

    No Plastic

    Annually, the cosmetics industry produces 120 billion packages. Can you imagine if they were all made of single-use plastic? Our products' packaging is made from sugarcane paper and is 100% compostable and biodegradable.

    No Microplastics

    For the first time in human history, microplastics have already been detected inside the human body, resulting from the consumption of fish and shellfish. The animals that live in our oceans are directly affected by the products we use daily that end up in the water. The formulas of NAUA products are free of microplastics, being safe for marine life and the environment.

    100% Solid

    Formulating solid products means putting nature first. In addition to simple formulas, solid products allow us to reduce the use of water in their production and reduce emissions during transportation, through minimalist packaging, without plastic and with a smaller volume.

    Social Responsability

    NAUA believes that social responsibility is one of the pillars of sustainability, therefore, it works directly to create partnerships with local associations.

    Learn more about our Partners.

    Handmade in Portugal

    We can't talk about well-being and self-care without talking about slowing down and leaving behind the rush of the world we know.

    That's why slow cosmetics are a part of NAUA's values, associating the best ingredients of Nature with a local and handmade productionand with Craft Certification by CEARTE - entity that guarantees the quality and authenticity of production.


    Upcycled Ingredients

    NAUA seeks to avoid waste directly, incorporating in its formulas by-products resulting from the juice and fruit industries without caliber. These ingredients have rich properties, perfect for use in natural cosmetics.

    All because for us there is no waste - there is just a world of infinite ingredients waiting to be discovered and reused!